Benefit of a using a health and safety consultant:

There are several benefits you get when you take safety consultancy while the process of construction. The answer to why a safe working platform for construction is important, lies in the answer that, whatever man is struggling for, he needs his existence to be alive, safe and sound at the moment his dreams accomplish. Therefore, you take every protection to reduce or cut off hazards, problems and losses at a construction place. Nothing is as important as you are or a life is – for that matter, Prodek is your rescuer!

Safety measures:
Because a safety consultant know better about the safety measures at a construction place, therefore if your team is working, it could be very dangerous for them if you do not go for safety decking or fall prevention systems because otherwise, any problem could come to you when you are least prepared about it. So, it is better to take precautions as early as one can before it gets too late. You meet Prodek in the way of safety providers.

What does Prodek do?
Prodek safety decking and fall prevention system helps to develop and adopt such means which can reduce all such errors of falling or getting hurt at the construction platform. They can help you to find better ways like reducing manual handling for protecting the work environment and make a place for environmental sustainability. Fall prevention systems, correct use and installation are available to all building and construction companies.

Prodek Safety decking and fall prevention system:
If you have any idea how harmful one’s situation could be if he does not keep himself safe from dangers and risks his life without considering how many lives he is affiliated with. Safety and protection is a necessity and right of human life which he must consider. For example, if you are working at a construction platform or either you have assigned constructors, whatever the case maybe, protection should be the first and foremost priority. That’s where Prodek safety decking and fall prevention system works for and saves one’s life from danger.

The safety of Constructors:
It is not just a human right but a duty to work for the safety of people working together to stand the pillar of a business in order to achieve a safe and secure future. Prodek works to promote safety at a place where construction is carried out to reduce dangers like injuries by falling etc.  


E Cigs Store – for the guys who want something new!

The all new electronic smoking devices have become largely popular among the smokers around the world. It is believed that the E cigs contains fairly less harmful chemicals than normal tobacco cigarette. Thus people are moving towards less risky smoking habits.

What are E cigarettes?

The E cigarettes contain a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. The battery powers the heating element the produces vapors. The battery life depends on how often the smoker uses it. It is usually the largest component of an electronic cigarette. The second major component of an E cig is the atomizer which is a heating element that heats up the liquid, to vapors that can then be breathed in or inhaled. An atomizer needs to be replaced usually about once every 3 to 6 months in order to continue healthy smoking.

The E cigs mouthpieces are generally referred as the cartridge. The mouthpiece is fixed to the end of the tube. There is a smaller plastic cup within the mouthpiece which holds an absorbent material drenched in liquid nicotine or some other flavor like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry etc. The E cigs comes with different nicotine levels you can chose the one which best suits you. The flavor cartridge can be refilled or replaced conveniently. You can also remove the absorbing material in the mouthpiece and add drops of liquid nicotine directly into the atomizer bridge. Many E cigs have an LED which tells you when the device is activated.